Photo by Louis Fisher

Photo by Louis Fisher

I graduated from Old Dominion University and am currently living in Reston, Virginia with my sights on somewhere new. I earned my BFA for Drawing and Design and my minor in English in December 2012.

I write about pop culture and my thoughts for fun. I draw comics and illustrations with a preference to work traditionally. 

I create because that makes me the happiest and I like to try new and different things which has lead me to relief print and recently a short foray into glassblowing, both I thoroughly enjoy.

I spend my free time watching movies and self educating on film history, reading comics, fiction and biographies, and spending time with friends. That just felt like a dating ad... I self-printed mini comics for three of my original creations, those can be purchased from my StorEnvy which I'm working to add more products to. 

Interested in how I got to who I am, you can read my bio here

Interested in knowing who I am now, read my blog