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PIX Pittsburgh 2015

I've applied for a table so now I'm a big ball of terror as I figure out what I'll need to table effectively. What things to reprint and who I'm going to room with because hotels are expensive, especially for 3 nights...

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My first time tabling, holy fucknuts. Kinda anxious...

I'll update and edit when I have my table location. I'll have my 2012 Senior Show books, plus my sketchbooks i made this year for SPX and if I'm industrious, a new mini, we'll see about that last one....

Sep 14

SPX 2014

I know I want to go to SPX, but it's tentative if I'll be tabling or there as a guest, tentative as far as the that goes.  I'll be updating this and the rest of the site when i know which. 

Apr 20

AwesomeCon - DC (attendee)

I'll be walking the floor at AwesomeCon 2014, I'm sad I missed the inaugural 2013 show but I'm sure year 2 will be just as much fun.   i'll be walking around with my minis from 2012 and depending on how productive I am I may have a new one, I'll update this as details change. - Sept 20, 13

Mar 9

Super Art Fight 100

i'm be boppin' around the 100th show at Ottobar in March. I'll have books in my car if you'd like one

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SPX 2013

  • SPX

I'm going to be at SPX with newly printed copies of my books for sale, and to hang out with the coolest cats around.  Because comics are wonderful.