Progress update, Oct 9!

Whew, it's been a week. I've been in weird places and haven't been able to make a new write up but here we go!

My show is a thing that will be happening, you can check out the Facebook Event Page, Friday, November 2, 2012 from 6-9pm I will be showing select pages from Lawrence's Dairy, Cinema and 100 Days 2012. I will also have books from each on sale at that show, you don't have to buy anything you don't want to but come out by and hang out, it'll be awesome! We can talk comics and art and have a blast together and things will be pretty awesome I hope. 

I'm still honestly terrified of it all. i'm afraid I won't be done in time, I'm afraid that no one will really show up for the show and I'm afraid of people reading my stuff. I'm afraid of judgement and acceptance of my work. I don't generally interact with different groups of friends at the same time, it's usually one environment of friends at a time so it'll be a different thing for me to be the reason for so many different people to interact. Plenty of my friends know one another but I still have friends who are just from different worlds and social circles than others  and it's a rare thing for me to be around so many people.

All that attention, anxiety inducing.

On my progress front, I don't think I've changed much since last week. I was kind of in a bad place and I was trying to get my flier from the last post together and finished, I ended up not working as much  on pages because I wanted to get that done so I can post it. It's printed and as of writing this on Tuesday night, I have the first one hung in Borjo. People seem to like it, so that's cool, that's a thing I like. i like that thing quite a bit. (Still afraid of things)

I have gotten more pages of Cinema penciled, when I get home tonight I'm going to try to finish roughing in those pencils before getting back to 100 Days and getting some of those colored. Lawrence's Dairy is the closest to being done and the coloring aspect of each comic goes the fastest so that's a plus to all of this. I just need references so things look better than my just imagining what shit looks like, that's part of what is taking so long. People references, location references, item references. So much that I want to keep straight, it's a hassle but I will be more proud if it's all the best I can make it and not half assed because I didn't make the effort to find a reference. 

Hmm, I want to continue with my practice from last Sunday's post of expousing my love of podcasts and things so:

Sex Nerd Sandra: It's a weekly sex positive and information podcast. It has humor from the basest of dick jokes to to odd situational jokes. It doesn't take itself too seriously even as serious topics related to sex are discussed and elaborated on. There are great informational episodes discussing the penis, what's common about it and things like that. There are discussions of different type of pleasure and sex that consenting adults can consider. It's about having fun while having sex and making it a better experience and working to get rid of the stigmas around it. Sex is interesting, people will always do it so the more information that people can have to keep themselves safer and healthier the better. Oh, that's a big thing, sexual health and safety. It may be sex positive but in that it's also very encouraging to be safe about it, give it a listen. 

The Moth: stories about life, the human condition, the human experiment and stuff. These are shorter, good to listen to while cooking or washing dishes because they're less of a commitment for a given period of time. What I love about The Moth is that it's all about learning experiences, what was a life changing time in your life? Reflecting on who you are and remembering who you were, what helped change and shape you. Most of the stories are humorous, some are sad but they're almost all about growth and evolution at different times of life. It's not portrayed as  an advice column saying 'if you do this your life will change' it's more 'my life was on this one path but this tragic/amazing thing happened and it started going this way'. Not every change in life is sought out, they're mostly stumbled upon so it's showing just how important experience is to life and living. 

The JV Club: This one is so much fun to listen to. Janet Varney (i know her as Korra's VA) hangs out and chats with women about everything but their careers. She talks about the awkward and horrible high school years and how people have changed. It's kind of all of the information that gets glossed over in normal interviews because the awkward high school years don't always sell. Learning that people were bookish nerds and that they spend their time listing to the hottest NPR radio stations isn't what most people want. Most people want sensation and this show is all about the mundane and having a laugh at how different people once were. The guests are almost exclusively women, I've really enjoyed listening to it. I'm only a few in but I'm sure I'll get all caught up soon. 


Fun addition, remember last week when I promoted One Photo Reviews? I've sent Scott and Dave some e-mails adding my $5 to the conversation, I'm a wordy individual, and i posed a few of my favorite questions and things to consider about movies and they answered in this week's episode. I  had the biggest, dumbest smile on my face when I got that shout out, seriously. If you guys see this, thanks. I said it on twitter but still. I don't get shout out too often so it was cool for me. 

Music i've been into: Always into Adam Warrock, he's released 2 EPs this week, I haven't had the change to get them, but I'm sure I'll dig them. I bought the new Ben Folds Five album and I love it. I wrote this while listening to Movits!: Out of My Head, i'm into this. It's not as jazzy as their first album but it has the same great energy and body rocking abilities.

Well then, party people, I'll have more to say next week and I should be able to announce completed pages next week, a lot of completed pages. I don't have much time to get things done. Last week I had a lot of work down and this week I'm behind. I hope I can get things done. Having had the past 2 days off and writing this now it feels like today's Sunday and not Tuesday. My next progress post will be here in no time. Fuck. 

Last-last thing. My godmother is friggin' amazing and won a Fulbright Scholar Award for her research in chemical engineering. Go read about how fantastic she is