Progress and my Past Week

I think my progress on my comics has been going well. I have all three scripts finished, all of 100 Days is penciled in, all of Lawrence's Diary in penciled in and the layouts for Cinema are inked and waiting for my to pencil in the final pages. i'm going to start inking and coloring the pages a bit later than I wanted but I'll be able to finish on time. Instead of how I was working before where I wasn't moving on to the next stage until I had one stage completely done I'm going to be working in sets of four to ink and color the pages before moving on to the next four. I'm hoping that by working this way i'll feel like i'm making progress faster because I'll be able to see finished pages. 

So, I've been riding a con-high for the past week. Any time I've gotten down I've thought back to SPX and how great of a weekend it was and the awesome people I met there. I'm working on my SPX Memories comics in between my comics to be printed and some other things I've been drawing. I've also been in a pretty awesome mood this week from seeing some master glass artists at work. Jamex and Einar de la Torre were working at the Chrysler's glass studio this past week and I have the opportunity to talk with them this week and take some photos of them working. It was really inspiring and encouraging to see them at work. I had a lot of fun and I have some ideas on things I'd like to try in glass just as soon as we're allowed to play around with ideas more. 

I've been wondering a bit also this week if my plan for working is burning me out. I'm not watching any TV shows, not really, I have box sets of  Parks and Rec and Community sitting on my couch waiting for me to get into them. I'm trying to hold off on watching those until I've finished my comics entirely but I think I may need a personal reward break as I work to not dread sitting at my desk. It's not fear of creating and finishing it's just sometimes I can't draw. I'll sit down and work for three hours or so and I can't get into working again until the next day. Those also aren't always the most productive of three hours, I mean, i'm getting things done but there are always more interesting things crying for attention.  I'll see how I do if I get out of my room every few hours and watch an episode or so of something i've already seen. I won't be super invested in it but i will be thinking about something else and hopefully energized to get back to work. 

I've gotten side tracked, I hope this makes sense.