And there are some loud fucks, I have a headache and I don't want to write but I will, for you and whoever else stops by here.

I had a long post about my anxieties and fears but my phone lost it. I don't know if that's a boon or what but it's a thing that happened. I'm afraid that no one will like my stuff and I won't sell any books. I'm afraid that people will like it and I won't have enough books, we'll have to see about that.  I'm afraid I won't finish on time and some other things but right now I'm mostly feeling all right. I have a headache, I don't know if it's caused by a lack of caffeine or because of an antibiotic I'm on, but it sucks. 

My work progress!

100 Days: 2-3 pages inked, all penciled
Cinema: 2-3 pages penciled
Lawrence's Diary: 2 pages done, 3 pages partially colored, 4 other pages partially inked all penciled
I've designed the covers for Lawrence's Diary and Cinema, I'm still working on 100 Days. And I have my poster designed, the facebook event page will be designed and promoted like a motherfucker soon, just wait.

I got a bit of work done on Friday. I had a doctor's appointment with my dermatologist then I kicked it at MacArthur inking pages and listening to podcasts before I saw Looper.

I really liked Looper, I like Rian Johnson's other movies, Brick and The Brothers Bloom, so i was excited. All I knew before the movie is it was a time travel movie and that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was young Bruce Willis. I knew nothing about what was supposed to happen so it was really great going in as a blank slate. I've come to understand different things more since seeing it, I'm glad I've had the chance to just sit with the movie and think about it a bit over the past few days.  Go see it, it has heart and shooting. And Paul Dano.

I like actors, shut up, this is my blog!

So, some of the podcasts I listen to, I've wanted to share them. While working this weekend I've gotten through about half of One Photo Reviews, by Scott Davis and Dave Christensen, which I enjoy as a movie podcasts because it had turned out to be less about movie reviews and is more about chatting about the movie experience and about movies. I love movies, I write about movies sometimes and my love of them. My love of movies is almost as pure as my love of comics. Movies! these guys talk about movie experiences and life, it's enjoyable. 

The Gravity Falls Gossiper Podcast by Chris Haley and Eugene Ahn is about Gravity falls and life and stuff. They mostly use the show as a jumping off point to talk about life and relate their childhood to the characters and similar experiences. I for one love Gravity Falls, it's so damn clever and the it's fun to see something where I get the jokes from experience and not because they've seeped into the cultural consciousness like the 70s and 80s have. They're such great little things but the podcast! Man, life is awkward and the awkward of their life is brought up in a 'let's all have a laugh at my past' it's fun. And i've had the chance to meet Eugene, he's raps as Adam Warrock, nicest dude. 

WTF with Marc Maron - I'm nosy and this podcast gets into the nitty-gritty of life and being a performer or whoever he's talking to. It's mostly chatting with comedians so there's a wry dark humor to life. I enjoy it because it humanizes people and hearing about people's lives is fun. I can't explain it, WTF is just a great podcast, it's level, it has it's funny moments and it keeps me entertained as they go over someone's professions and public biographies (to an extent). It's also fun having repeat guests or hearing about past drama that people have moved past. 


That's it for podcasts tonight, I'm subscribed to a few and I listen to at least 5 different ones most weeks. I love listening to them while I work on stuff. I'm bad at listening to my music for too long without changing it so podcasts give me one long thing to enjoy. They set the mood, don't require too much focus and are interesting.

All right, I'll be back next Sunday with another progress update. I have until October 20th to get these sent out, which is a day i'm looking forward to. Mike Birbiglia is coming to the Attcus Theater and I've got my ticket for the show already so I'm looking forward to enjoying that in a few weeks, and I'm sure I'll have some nice things to say. I wonder if he's signing stuff... I'll take my copy of Sleepwalk With Me (the book) in case he is.