Group Art Project Ideas

I'm sitting here thinking how much fun it would be to just mail some sketchbooks out to people for a few different art projects. Here are some I've just thought of, maybe I'll update this post in the future with new ideas, or I'll make another one and use "art projects" as the linking tag. We'll see.


One sketch book, Whoever starts it also does the last page. One person pencils something - a location, a figure, a monster, their cat - whatever. They send it on and the next person to receive the sketchbook inks the previous sketch and draws their own and the book gets mailed off. This would be people the opportunity to ink something they may never have attempted to draw, and it gives people the opportunity to ink someone else's work. Photos of inked work can be posted but the pencils ought to stay a mystery until they're inked. It would also be a fun challenge to see how well you conveyed the idea you wanted to share and now someone else interprets your pencils. It would also be a fun way for people to see and introduce themselves to an artist they haven't met as the book get passed around. I propose a time limit of 2 weeks of retaining the book, and this is documented online. 


Book 2

In the front cover are some themes or topics, as many as their are pages. As each person gets the book they cross of the topic they choose to draw or write their name next to it. They can finish their topic however they like, sketch, ink, colored pencil - whatever. Same deal, 2 weeks to hold onto the book and creator credits on the last page.

--- ,

Book 3

1 page sequential comic. Someone starts the sketchbook presensting a protagonist and an initial desire, conflict or action, whatever in one page. They send it off person two draws the next page of the story and mails it off. Person 3 and should only look at what person 2 did and respond and continue the story from that point. Person 4 continues from person 3 and so forth until the book is done as it gets mailed around. After the sketchbook is full (and the story possibly not) someone or a group of someones can write something to finish it or give the characters some sort of conclusion. Writer and artist credits like always


A regular sketch or doodle book. Like the theme one, but it gets passed along and everyone draws what they'd like on their respective page.  


One overarching theme for the book. Main theme "Roads" then every sketch is a response and creative interpretation of 'roads'. 


Whoever starts it writes a topic then mails it off, person 2 draws person 1's topic and writes a topic on the next page. Person 3 draws person 2's topic and so forth.  



Each book would stay with an artist for 7 or 14 days depending on which type of book it is. Like, I think the Ink Someone Else's Work ought to be 2 weeks, same with the Write the Next Page. But the Choose a Theme or more loosely related sketchbook should only be one week. I also like locations being written, whatever the artist is comfortable with. I'd ask for at least the state, or city and state. County and state is also fine, , I just think it would be fun to see how it travels. It can travel within a city if people know one another, but, i don't know, maybe 3 people before it gets mailed off. Stickers and decorating the covers is perfectly allowed.

On the inner first cover is an "If Lost Contact" and it features the address (or po box) for whoever starts it, and an email or website for the project.If they contact the site we can figure out who's closest and ask the book  be sent to them, or to the starter and they send it off to someone who hasn't drawn in that book yet. 

When the sketchbooks are done they get printed and sold at conventions. We kickstart the printing or whatever works. I don't know, I'm playing with this idea, because it would be fun. It'd be a whole mess of work, but imagine how fun it would be to see an international collab-sketchbook, or people on different creative and artistic popularity levels printed together in the same book like this? I feel this could just foster community and fun.