Birthdays are Great

Author note: I haven't been writing much or wanting to write much given I do a daily sketch and talk about some  things there, so I haven't been in the mood to really finish this. So, forever late read about my birthday from November and not what I did on Sunday with my family before returning home. Maybe I'll have something real to post soon enough, I just haven't had the writing bug, but check out my sketch and daily sketch blogs, I've been posting a lot of stuff over there recently. Well, on the sketch blog, the other, given it's name, has been getting daily posts.

I haven't written my annual birthday essay yet, mostly out of laziness and wanting to spend my time reading comics right now. But, this year, I had an exceptional birthday, and one of my more social and adventurous ones in a while. 

So, last year was great because I spent the day watching movies. This year was great because I celebrated my birthday for like, a week. I don't often do that. The Wednesday before my birthday I met with a good friend of mine from high school, Nora, and we saw Kill Your Darlings in Arlington. That was made kind of special because the theater was running 35mm, I forgot how quiet modern digital projection is. The rhythmic clicking was kind of just a nice detail to the movie going experience.  We left the theater and went to Capitol Brewery for food. I had a house pale ale that was horrible, but the food was pretty good. It was more sports bar than I generally like, but it's difficult for me to find what I want in Virginia (because it's not really legal - a bar, not a bar-restaurant. In VA any place that sells alcohol like a bar, has to provide food, which makes it a different atmosphere than just going to a bar that only sells drinks).  I want to go to a bar or somewhere where every drink is made with care and skill. I look forward to one day being able to afford to go somewhere like that. Dives are nice, but so is class.

Thursday I had the realest Japanese food I've ever had with my best ladybro from ODU, Bianca. The specials menu was in Japanese, but the regular menu English. the quality f the food was amazing. We drank Bishounen sake and the container it came in was cool. It's a cold sake but instead of bringing it in a bucket on ice or chilled and let it warm to room temperature, the container had a depression on the side that was filled with ice. The sake stayed cold but was never watered. Then we go dessert from Sweetberry. I had an awesome crepe. Man, I ate so well that week.

Friday was quiet, until I rode into DC for Super Art Fight at the Black Cat (I took some photos, dig 'em). SAF is always a great time for me. I love the guys and I love slowly getting to meet the audience that's there. Being able to go to so many shows back to back this year, I've met a lot of fans and significant others of the artists - it's been fun. It was also an energetic way to ring in 25. I took so many photos that my camera died just before the last winner was announced. I don't think I've ever changed my camera's battery so fast. I got those photos then made my way to Union so I could get up to New York. 

I got to the station about an hour and a half before my train, and I dozed but not really. I got onto the quiet train, it wasn't totally full, and charged my phone and dozed again until I made it to New York. It was interested, I woke up about every 45 minutes or so until we got to Newark and I stayed awake then as we arrived in the City. I had and overpriced breakfast downtown before making my way out to Brooklyn for the Comic Arts Festival. I bummed around, spending an hour in a tiny boutique where I sketched Dumbing of Age fanart which David Willis was cool enough to link from his site a few days later and brought me some views which was cool. 

I wandered around, eventually getting to the church where the festival was held. Thinking about it now, it sounds like comic conventions and shows of olde that were always held in church basements. I don't know about those personally, I've just heard about them. 

When the show started I found where Dean Haspiel was tabling with his friend Seth K and I was at my most fangirly in my head - thankfully not outwardly - as I gave him my old journal comic and he traded me with a Trip City mini anthology they had put out. I bought something from him and Seth K before wandering around. I grabbed some zines, a Christmas gift for a friend and I got Jeff Smith to sign my freshly purchased copy of Bone.  Wildly enough I ran into a friend from Norfolk, Will H, at the show. It was crazy. Oh, I also grabbed a book of pulp movie posters. The work is friggin' gorgeous. I got to talking to the guy selling them and he told me about a movie festival in Syracruse that I would love to go to in March. Maybe I can....

I left the show fairly early. My bag was heavy and I wanted to meet up with my high school friend, Nick and one of his friends for lunch. I walked and eventually met it. It was friggin cold that weekend. It's warmed now in December as I write this, than it was that morning. 

We wandered and eventually found somewhere to eat then left our stuff at one of his other friend's apartments before going to a bar to drink.

And we drank. 

I've never done a drinking birthday, not too affordable in Norfolk, also having to drive made me not want to. But we were walking and taking the train, who cares!

We got to this bar early. The bartender was still doing prep so our first few drinks took a while to get to us because he'd disappear to cut more garnishes. he also had to have been at least 70 and was a little grody, but ehh, it was $3 wells, we were happy. And drunk. After a while another friend of Nick's showed up with her boyfriend, they had been having arguments, but still wanted to meet up and drink. As much as I'd like to have a significant other, I'm not envious of dumb relationship drama. Heard both sides and I sympathize with both sides but still one seemed to be less in the wrong than the other, but that's many fights. It was kind of a trust thing, but no one had actively done anything in the relationship to break the other's trust. Not in my opinion, but I have different boundaries for what's acceptable, at least theoreticaly, we'll see what happens when i have to put them into practice. If I ever get to put them into practive. I'm pretty pessismistic about getting into a romantic relationship with anyone, with good reason given my track record of being single and only single. 

So, the weekend continued! I went with Nick back to his place and we got some chinese food on the way back. his apartment is annoyingly far from the train. And fuck it was cold. We started watching DVRd Sister Act 2. That movie is a movie. Was a movie. Does not hold up at all. 

While sobering up I got a worried call from my grandmother. I had told her I wouldn't be there until late, but she was worried about me at 7 something, I told her I'd be leaving at 9. Ha. It took about an hour and a half to get from the L in Brooklyn to the 2 in the Bronx to my grandmother's.  So fucking long. I sure as fuck was sober by the time i got there. I do remember seeing some rats while waiting for the 2 to show up. They were drinking the filth-water between the tracks. I also had to make a bunch of dumb transfers I hadn't planned on because of dumbbutt weekend service. 

I eventually made it to my family and was finally able to sleep, after my aunt judged me for not bringing pajamas to wear. But really, do you need pajamas for one night out? Not really. Plus, extra clothes would have taken up my very precious space in my bag for comics, which are pretty damn important to me. I love comics a lot, yo. 

I watched the end of Scott Pilgrim and did something else, video games? Probably video games. I was playing Lego Marvel on my 3DS then. Then I slept, because drinking all afternoon wears you out, I'll tell you what.