Action Adventure Dream

I've been serious, here, enjoy something silly, ridiculous and possibly a little embarrassing  But i'm putting myself out there on the Internet, I should be more embarrassed by my last post than this one...

I recently quit smoking again, it’s been about 5 or 6 days after smoking lightly for about 3 weeks. Smoking aggravates my skin disease but when I’m anxious and depressed I don’t care. I know, cognizantly it doesn’t help, it probably never has. I mean, there is the communal aspect of smoking where one friend goes out so like 7 of you go out and talk about stuff. Nothing really, but you go out, out from the hot music venue to the swampy humid air because you’re still in fucking Norfolk; out to the cold to wonder if it’s really worth it when the nicotine hits you, your limbs get heavy and you’re just relaxed; out to just be out because you’ve been in for so many hours.

But, I’m trying to quit again for my health and I swear I have had the most fucking vivid dreams these past few mornings. Wednesday I went to bed at 2am, after planning the futures for the Cinema cast that doesn’t need to exist (I don’t care about their story after high school. Too many characters to follow but they all go their separate ways to college. I care about them influencing one another, but it was a fun thought experiment).  A lot of twitter accounts I’ve recently followed or been interested in recently made an appearance in my dreams, by accounts I do mean the people who own those accounts. It was weird. At some point I feel like I’m more of a camera than a participant in my dream, that’s fairly common for me. Or I’m not actually ‘me’ I don’t know who I turn into.

Sometime around the beginning of the dream I’m hanging out with Matt Cohen, we’re talking about movies or pop culture or something and we start talking about bank robberies and prison escapes. He had recently made a jail escape and was quite proud of it. He needs me and some other people to train and practice at escaping from jail (the same way people would train for a bank heist) so I go about doing this.

 There’s a scene when I’m getting gun training. Being taught the parts and general gun safety.  Other people in my class are really dumb with their and almost shoot themselves. I’m apparently a badass taking my Walther PP7 apart (It was far too big to really be a pp7. Does Walther even make the PP7? I honestly don’t know guns) and looking at the rounds, which were packed like shotgun shells but in metal casing and not the red paper-y looking casing that they always have in cartoons. I wonder how good I’m going to be with this gun if I only have 8 rounds. The guy that almost kills himself has as shotgun and is unloading it wrong. I’m between him and some other dude who’s proficient at cleaning and maintaining a gun.

I eventually get caught somewhere in South America and I’m in the same prison as Neil Degrasse Tyson. Tyson is level headed and cool the entire time he’s handcuffed to his chair. He also happens to be wearing a sun/moon/space themed vest and he tells me and our interrogators that’s he’s gotten out of every other jail and prison in South America. He doesn’t fucking care! You just know he scienced his way out (yup, Atomic Robo use of the word ‘science’). It’s like he was physics-magician (fuck you physician for already being a word. Would have been a great portmanteau).

He gets us out and I end up somewhere in America, still awestruck that I met him. (Listen to him or watch recordings of him. He is just fucking cool and comfortable being who he is, loving space and being a bit of a smart ass.) I think I’m in New York, it’s raining or blue-grey at least. I’m in some swanky hotel about to give the assist to Etta Divine in some heist she’s about to go one. There are weird, large, caged beasts in this building but she’s about to go to a different building. (it falls apart more here) It was some weird swanky hotel-restaurant with glass balconies and stairs. I meet with Etta and talk to her for a moment. Sometime after this she leaves to go after her mark and I meet Gabe Diani. We talk about Etta and just as I’m about to run out and stop her I wake up.

There are a number of notable people from twitter (notable to me) who I think could have ben great in this dream. But really, the entire thing was a weird action movie where escaping from jail was the big heist. This shit was fun.