My Show!

I have an entire facebook thing all set up and all that jazz   (woo! ) but here is my show poster. I still need to give you all my proper weekly update, no time right now, but here is my show poster and the link to the facebook event page.

If you want any of the books I'm going to get a shop set up here for all of you lovely people who can't get here for the show but would like the books. The books I'm working on now won't see online until next year, if you want to read the books before then you'll have to buy them. But here is a slight preview, I'm still chugging along, so this is a slight lie but I've set it up so I have to keep going so I'm to make it all true.

Like always, sketches and previews can be found on the art tumblr - Full progress update will be up soon.

Almost all traditional work, I'll rectify that so it's 100 % traditional soon.