Back in Reston and Creating

I've got my apartment about...90% in order before leaving but I'm going to be back in Norfolk to settle some things there soon. I've wanted to get something more positive and welcoming up because i think my linking to this site every day in my youtube videos has affect the traffic here. Fantastic except I'm all mopey and self loathing in my last blog.

On youtube:

Since some time before I attempted to make videos people tried this daily challenge called VEDA: Vlog Every Day in April or Video EDA. i'm going more the 'video' route but I think they're mostly vlogs. My playlist of videos is here and I've made videos about moving, going to the recycling center, finding the electronics recycling center, driving, Norfolk, drawing a snowboarding surfer punk yeti and talking about a book. I think I have the opposite problem of some people doing this in they have un out of ideas, all I have are ideas and wanting to talk and share things. I want to do a video on why I'm a feminist, I want to do one on being pro-choice, I want to do an anti-PETA video, I want to try a Mike Falzone walk and talk, I want to talk art history I want to share Reston and I think i want to go to DC. I've had ideas for days for videos and i think I'm going to do another art video before the month was over. I can't do them like my sidebar videos where you can see me work because this genius left her tripod in Norfolk because I was tired and blah blah blah. I think i might combine some of these ideas, I just need to figure out how and which ones...

Making videos has been fun and I think kickstarted my drawing again, or venting some frustrations and some of my self esteem issues to my friend did. i don't know, but I've been feeling a bit better these past few days so that's a thing.

What else... i picked up The Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks and just like when I read Friends With Boys, I'm inspired to draw and I want to try new things. It's a superhero book that loves the genre and pokes fun at it, it's like my love of art history. I love it so much that I have to laugh at it sometimes and make it humorous. Yes, it's a painting of a chick chopping off a dude's head but look at her, she ain't gone time to play around. Artemisia Gentileschi shows women just handling their business. Opp, he needs a nail in his temple? I guess we're doin' this.  choppin' heads and forgetting names and absconding with the proof. It's beautiful. I mean, yes, I can analyze the biblical natures and imports of the stories depicted or I can talk about them in a bombastic fashion and just display my flights of fancy, and trust me, I do fancy my flights.

Oh, yeah, I just want to create more and I think recently videos have been that for me. The other night ObviouslyBenHughes questioned the status of current youtube and I recorded a video response but was too tired to edit it to post, I feel he was missing a camaraderie and community and I don't think it's lost in it's entirety but it is more difficult to find people. I've found new people to follow and people who've been kind enough to follow me since I started doing VEDA. Maybe it's because of VEDA that I'm cool with this, or maybe it's because I'm not expecting anything from youtube. It's my creating on the side from drawing. I think i'm just appreciating exploring other venues of creating. Writing is one thing but seeing me talk and make faces and the physicality of talking over writing conveys different emotions. A lack of body language is the biggest flaw is most social media because it's primarily text based and video gives me the opportunity to share an idea with more than just words. I love words, but there is something for speaking them. 

On loving words, I'm going to send you out with a wordsmith of one of the highest comedic orders talking about profanity and why morality around our four lettered friends is bullshit. 7 Dirty Words and I do like the Class Clown recording a bit more than the live one, but the physicality of it does something beautiful to it.