Shows an Plans an AHHHH!!!!

Awright, i think I might finally have bigger motivation than guilt to finish this book. 

Next weekend I'll be tabling at the Richmond Zinefest at the Richmond Public Library. I'm going to try to finish my book so I can take preorders for it, but I'll have the original pages to share. 

I applied for Locust Moon in Philly on Halloween, fingers crossed I can show there at the end of October with Hubris of Youth: How to Make Friends and Captivate People in it's printed glory. 

I was accepted into the New Orleans Comic Art Zine fest in November, the weekend after my birthday so I have to figure out how I'm going to get to NO for that. I really want to do it. 

I'm excited. I'm spending so much to go to little one day events, but it's awesome meeting people and getting my books out. I've been tepid about applying for PIX again, but I'll give it another try. If things go well at these few shows, and I get my name out strong enough I might be able to make it to more and other shows. 

I wonder what I'd have to do to set up some kind of show in the Fairfax Co. Public Library system...there are enough DMV creators that I think it could be a great event, but I think I'd rather pimp my wares than run a show, even a small library show.