Greetings Post SPX 2018

Hi Friends,

It has been a while. To be honest I’ve been off from normal for a few years now, partially mental, partially medication but that’s not really a good excuse. I want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone who checks out my deadass website and looks at my old ass art. I think I’d like to take some time to update everything, nix most stuff that’s 3+ years old, especially anything I did in Norfolk and school, I’ve grown so much since then.

If you’re interested in keeping up with where I’m more active check my twitter, I’m @meisterj or my instagram @meisterjazz. My art tumblr hasn’t been update in a while but check it out if you’d like, and I’m always saying I’m going to get my store going, one of these days I will….

Speaking of SPX it was a blast, like always. Seeing Mario and Jimena was great. Spike is always a doll, same with Ron. Danielle is always a fantastic local face. Yuko and Anath are always a fun pair and it was nice seeing Blue again. I made some new buddies with Skelly and Ally and embarrassed myself at karaoke on Friday night. I just love how fluid conversation can be, how okay it is to politely join in or wander off. I kinda hate the ‘let’s chat before the show ends’ that happens because someone is on the move and how little time there is. I don’t think a 3 day show is right for SPX, it’s chill-con, but I also wish it could be longer in ways. It has taken time and I feel awkward every time I’m there still, even know the folks I’ve befriended. I had some dumb hotel shenanigans but I didn’t let it ruin my weekend, and we missed getting any of Florence until Monday, well after the show. So pretty lucky there.

I’m excited for SPX 2019 and it’s 25th Anniversary. I’ve been an attendee, volunteer and one time tabler since 2012 and I hope I don’t miss any SPX shows going forward. So many amazing hardworking people are working to continue to develop this community. The prevalence of queer and poc creators every year is encouraging. I think I found SPX at the right time for me. I hope this show finds other ways to improve the experience and I have a suggestion that I hope can be implemented by next year.
Keep on making good things, keep working hard. I hope we meet again some other show, and I’m sorry forever for forgetting you.

Small Press Expo

I have so many damn things I want to say about SPX and I have comics I want to read and post about. I would say I'm speechless but i'm still processing everything that happened to be able to share it in a way that makes sense. I mean, so much happened on Saturday that when I woke up on Sunday and realized it was all only one day I was amazed. I met so many fantastic people, I know my life is changed because I now have people to really talk comic with. 

I love everyone I know and get to see all the time (well, maybe not everyone but bear with me) it's entirely different to be able to talk about a comic or a creator and get into supplies, printing, art, pens, paper type, working digitally, or people who can relate and appreciate the specific stress in making comics on a time crunch. And people who got inspired. Every time I think about my new SPX friends I go to such a warm place because it was great. There was very little world outside of the convention center and it was pretty great seeing the same people over and over there, even if I didn't know them. It was great complimenting people on their work, giving people sketches, getting sketches it was encompassing awesome.

I want to shout out Joe Hunter, Lee Cherolis, Brandon Carr, Phil Kahn, Krishna Sadasivam, Samantha Kyle, Jeremy Bentley, Christopher Williams and Perry A for being so much fun to hang out with all weekend.

It was great meeting Yuko Ota and Ananth, Jamie Noguchi, Danielle Corsetto, Meredith Gran, Jess Fink, Jeph Jacques, Tyson Hesse, Sylvan Midgal, Miss Lasko-Gross, Michael Bracco, Dean Haspiel, Darryl Ayo, Dawn Griffin, John Green and so many more people I could never name them all. 

I'm soon I'll try to do a more detailed write up of my weekend from arriving in Bethesda on the wrong part of the city on Friday to when I begrudgingly climbed into my car and drove home. So much happened, I will do my best to try to remember and share my joy. 

For a small peek at the weekend I had, here's the flickr set

Sun Salutation for the Somnambulant


This is my first blog here. I'm new to maintaining this site but I can point you to some cool things I have. If you click on the 100 Days link you'll go to the old Blogger site that will still be updated until I get all of my old comics back here. Also above is my sketch blog which is different from my art portfolio (this site) in that things get posted there as I do them and they're generally mediocre cell phone photos and not pretty scans. 

I do plan on maintaining a blog here, I don't have the time right now to get that fully underway and get to writing things for here but that will be booming soon because I'm wordy and have thing thing where I over share. 

I plan on adding a few more pages to this soon including a list of webcomics I read, podcasts I listen to and other things from the Internet that I enjoy including Internet Indie artists and web shows. I will probably talk book and movie here a lot, and of course I'll talk about what I'm working on. 

Art progress: I have my senior art show coming up November 2, 2012 and I will be printing the first 12 pages of 100 Days 2012, Lawrence's Dairy chapter 1 and Cinema chapter 1. I have all 12 pages of 100 Days penciled waiting to be inked, markered and scanned. The first 5 pages of Lawrence's Diary are penciled and are waiting inking and colors and I haven't started final pencils on Cinema yet, I'm doing my second edit of the script and transferring the scrip to thumbnails. My plan it to start coloring pages by the end of next week if not sooner. 

Now that i've started I want to just talk about everything. I've had it in my mind about how I care about things, what I care about and how much I care. I was told by one person that I'm caring and by another that I don't care. It's interesting but that's for another post how both of those are concurrently true. I also think I want to talk book a little, I may wait until after SPX for that. And glass. I want to talk glass a lot, it's my newest acquiring skill set so it's always on the brain. somnombulant 

But I must go, I have plans on dying my hair before class tonight and tomorrow I go to SPX and between now and next week some homework I have magically gets done. No clue with me being at a convention that is far more interesting than researching glass artists or figure artists. I mean, I love gathering information like that but comics and meeting people I've only spoken with online? Come on, how can it compare. This weekend is an adventure! Homework has nothing on an adventure.