New Art: Jan '13

So it has been ages since I scanned anything to post here and I finally have! It's amazing, right, an artist who actually draws stuff? Who knew?! 

New art in fan art, other art, Cinema art and Comic, Lawrence's Diary art and comic and 100 Days. So much for you to check out, it'd be awesome if you read my work.

I'm in the middle of a few different projects, working on a Cinema mini comic, I'm planning a mini with a new character from a different story world that doesn't have a title yet. I've been writing Chapter 2 of Cinema and planning Chapter 2 of Lawrence's Diary so I can get that done by the end of the year. In all honesty, I'd love to have these chapter 2s done by SPX, it's possible, let's see if it happens with me doing so many other things.

On top of my comic work, my personal comic work at least, I'm in discussions with the owner of a local coffee shop to do a small comic for them, we'll see how that goes. I'm also going to get back to my final relief print from last summer that I put off for various reasons, my other comics being the primary other reason. Well, my comics and my glass class, my then current classes, but now I have the time to do that plate. I need to split up my days now between comics and working on that plate, I want to see this print finished so I can share it and maybe sell some. I need to see how close I got on my registration, I'm a bit afraid too that I marked the lines off. I won't know until I see the final prints, so that has to happen soon.  

I've been doing job applications so hopefully I'll be making some money soon and I'll still be able to work on my art stuff on the side and get, you know, attention for that. What else is going on? I'm thinking more seriously about finding someone to talk to about my depression and those things. They need to be handled and I'm not taking care of myself with that as I should be, so I'll be calling around to see about becoming a healthier version of me.

This was written while Southwork, a Philly band, was playing in borjo. I'm diggin' them, check them out. I only promote things I like, no irony bull shit. 

I'm Done!!!

This is from a few weeks ago, I like my heightened state of anxiety but I was distracted. It's not the best written collection of thoughts but I think it still shares something important of my fear, anxiety and elation of being done. 

So, my show is next Friday, I'm literally scanning my pages as I write this.I'm sitting in the ODU Library using a shitty scanner that's not quite big enough, I need the pages to look good so every pages gets scanned twice and I get to spend a bunch of extra time stitching every page together so the colors are level. Tonight will be fun.

Hell, my entire week has been a fucking ball. I spent all of last week slowly finishing everything, I'm currently at that point where I'm sleeping about an hour at a time every 5-7 hours. This is miserable. But the comics looks pretty damn amazing. For the most part. I'm ready to keel over. I swear.

I do have some positive thins to day about my past week. I got to see Mike Birbiglia at his Norfolk show at the Attucks, it was pretty great. I have a thing I wrote on Sunday about going to comedy shows and comparing seeing Godfrey to Paul and Storm and then Birbigs, I need to edit it a bit, hopefully chop it down by about 200 words and make it a bit more concise. I tend to not edit these past my shoddy spelling. I'm hoping to start writing and posting my essays and things and not just talking about art. I mean, I will always talk about art, I also spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about movies, books and TV shows and then writing lengthy analysies of them. I want what I post here to be a bit more professional and refined in comparison to my movie blog.

This is the post to say hat, :eyeroll: I'm all over the place trying to write this and while scanning.

Umm... I guess I'll keep this short until I get the chance to really update you all, but everything is finished. Oh, I was going to explain that.

Some of my markers are drying out so after a while my coloring on the background wavers a bit and there was no time to get all of Cinema properly colored so I'm planning on selling the lineart. Everyone who buys the line art version gets $1 off the color version if they choose to purchase that one also.  I can't afford to take a complete loss on these books but I also want people to not feel like thy've been scammed buy paying my full price for the books twice.  I need to find something else to do, I might just rock out to podcasts while I scan and just focus on that.

This shit's boring and reminds me how much I need my own scanner and a computer, not just a laptop, to get things done.