Holding Markers And My Line Art Is Ruined

I had a contract job with an Online School (OLS). Last week I was on cloud 9 because I was told my contract was going to be extended from 6 weeks to another 6 months. Today, an hour before our early shift was ending I was told I was let go because there wasn't enough work to validate my staying. 

I'm not mad, i'm a little upset and a little annoyed.  

I had spent this morning planning on going to New York for the Brooklyn Comic Art Festival on November 9th, my fucking birthday. And I love my birthday. I was actually proud of myself for not telling people about my birthday in September, because I assume other people find it annoying (Why I love birthdays). I was going to keep quiet until maybe the 20th, but I decided today to say 'fuck it' and mention on twitter how I was thinking about going to Brooklyn. With the job I had I would have been able to. I didn't go to work until 10, it was Monday-Friday so being a bit tired after a train ride would have been fine. 

I can't do that now. Or not yet. 

I was going to be responsible, buy my train tickets while they were a reasonable price and see my family for my birthday (well, mostly the day after) and now I don't know what my next job is going to be or what I'll be able to do. If I buy the ticket I can still go and just say it's a planned trip, retail or office, but still.  

I said on twitter I make a lot of plans last minute, but within bigger plans. It's like having a finished, inked, line art. I know what the piece looks like and now I'm filling in the color or wash. "What tone is this going to be? Not dark enough, better. Let's pattern that, I'll leave that white as detail. Let's go with a burnt umber base and a quick pass with a warm grey marker for a shadow." I know what the piece looks like, but adding the fine detail changes as I'm finishing it. I feel like now I'm looking at a ruined piece, I spilled water across the whole thing and the paper's buckling. 

What do I do now?