Comics and Cons 'n' Work

Oh hey there, I've been quiet. What with having my daily sketch blog and having somewhere where I write on a daily basis this has fallen to the wayside a little. 

This past September I went to SPX like I've done for the past 2 years and it was another fun year where I bought all types of great books and minis. I was an attendee but I still had some sketchbooks that I traded, gave away and sold (to friends) so that's cool. I put together a book of daily sketches and a book of Good Night and Other sketches. It was so much work and I wanted to smash my computer on more than one occasion but I made it, my computer is in one rattly piece and I have a cool thing to take with me places. 

My 'Appearances' tab has updated. I'm going up to Brooklyn Comic Art Fest again this year and celebrating my birthday in NYC with my family. I've also applied to table at PIX - Pittsburgh Indy Comic Expo. It's only one day, but still, I want to have something new to take. 

(This was half written in September, now I'm finishing it at the end of October)

I'm applying for CAKE in Chicago for next year right now. I need to get my newest completed comic "Adult" somewhere to show the judges and I need to have a self portrait, I don't like any of my other ones so I guess I'm drawing a new one :D

Because of the time that's passed from when I started this to when I'm finishing this I jumped over working on "Adult". It's about the first time I thought I was an adult, the quotation marks are part of the title. I wrote and drew "Adult" in just about two weeks for the Richmond Zine Fest, my first time tabling anywhere and I think I did okay. I think I'd do better at a comics show so I'm pretty hopeful about my prospects at PIX and if I get into CAKE then that too. I'm working on new comics to debut at both shows. I want a new Cinema story for PIX, it's roughly 30+ pages. I'm not sure what story I want to draw for CAKE, I'm considering a Close to the Sun story, but I'm not sure yet. Lawrence's Diary is being folded into a world I'm calling Big Myth Playground which has a greater scope than the initial LD world. I'm also thinking about submitting to Filthy Figments which means I'll have 3 different comics drawn in the next few months if I get in. 

We'll see how much work I have ahead of me. I know I'm in PIX so I'm going to focus on that one and get that story written. I'll know if I get into CAKE in January and for FF, I don't remember when they're getting back to people but I have another 3 weeks to submit my application, so I can refine my story and work on some figure work in the meantime. 

I have given myself a lot of goals and ideas on my creative plate. It's a good thing, I really did feel awful for just about all of 2013 because I wasn't really creating much. Even making videos wasn't enough, it wasn't the right type of creating. I need to be drawing and writing to feel at my best.

When I go through periods of depression I question the value of my existence because I'm not making anything. When I don't really draw anything for a while I feel guilty that I'm not drawing. Even now, when I've spent most of the year just doing my Daily Sketches I often felt I could be drawing something more, but I had no goals and poor motivation. I have goals, I have motivation and I have about 4 months to accomplish my first one so I need to step to and get some comics drawn.