My Issue With Saying People Have 'Too Much Time On Their Hands'

I just saw someone describe a creative endeavor as the work of someone with “too much time on their hands” - fuck you HuffPo! Being creative is not a waste of time, talent or effort. Being creative is something to respect because creativity is hard. Making stuff is hard.

I’ve had many, many non creative friends and people express shock and joy over simple doodles that in my mind are mediocre, but they’re not described as being done by someone “with too much time on their hands”. It’s bullshit how often a long term project or art piece gets knocked down like that.

The person creating probably didn’t have any “extra” time and carved time out from sleeping or being social to make something amazing.

Don’t degrade creative work. Respect the time and effort and the actual WORK of the person who made it because you can’t make it and that’s okay. You have something you’re great at, something you’re passionate about and you make the time for it.

Creativity is not a diversion. Final pieces, drawings, songs, performances, everything are the end goal and a chance to show off all of the hard work someone put into something. Respect it.