Small Press Expo

I have so many damn things I want to say about SPX and I have comics I want to read and post about. I would say I'm speechless but i'm still processing everything that happened to be able to share it in a way that makes sense. I mean, so much happened on Saturday that when I woke up on Sunday and realized it was all only one day I was amazed. I met so many fantastic people, I know my life is changed because I now have people to really talk comic with. 

I love everyone I know and get to see all the time (well, maybe not everyone but bear with me) it's entirely different to be able to talk about a comic or a creator and get into supplies, printing, art, pens, paper type, working digitally, or people who can relate and appreciate the specific stress in making comics on a time crunch. And people who got inspired. Every time I think about my new SPX friends I go to such a warm place because it was great. There was very little world outside of the convention center and it was pretty great seeing the same people over and over there, even if I didn't know them. It was great complimenting people on their work, giving people sketches, getting sketches it was encompassing awesome.

I want to shout out Joe Hunter, Lee Cherolis, Brandon Carr, Phil Kahn, Krishna Sadasivam, Samantha Kyle, Jeremy Bentley, Christopher Williams and Perry A for being so much fun to hang out with all weekend.

It was great meeting Yuko Ota and Ananth, Jamie Noguchi, Danielle Corsetto, Meredith Gran, Jess Fink, Jeph Jacques, Tyson Hesse, Sylvan Midgal, Miss Lasko-Gross, Michael Bracco, Dean Haspiel, Darryl Ayo, Dawn Griffin, John Green and so many more people I could never name them all. 

I'm soon I'll try to do a more detailed write up of my weekend from arriving in Bethesda on the wrong part of the city on Friday to when I begrudgingly climbed into my car and drove home. So much happened, I will do my best to try to remember and share my joy. 

For a small peek at the weekend I had, here's the flickr set