Climate Change

We could be living in a Mad Max desert and those in power would still say it's fine while over charging us for tainted water because there would be no clean water anywhere. Too many in charge only care about making a fast buck, they don't care about any causalities on the way. 2016 was a catalyst for change and we now have to live through it, whichever way it goes. Things are getting worse for now, we don't know when/if/how things may get better. I really don't have a positive ending to this. I've long thought the planet is gearing up to kill us all and start anew. It's happened before, it'll happen again. The climate is changing to fix what's wrong. The planet will survive, it'll morph into something similar but new. It'll take a long time on human scale but probably be a breath in the life of the planet.

I’m rooting for the planet. Who are we to fight it.