Sun Salutation for the Somnambulant


This is my first blog here. I'm new to maintaining this site but I can point you to some cool things I have. If you click on the 100 Days link you'll go to the old Blogger site that will still be updated until I get all of my old comics back here. Also above is my sketch blog which is different from my art portfolio (this site) in that things get posted there as I do them and they're generally mediocre cell phone photos and not pretty scans. 

I do plan on maintaining a blog here, I don't have the time right now to get that fully underway and get to writing things for here but that will be booming soon because I'm wordy and have thing thing where I over share. 

I plan on adding a few more pages to this soon including a list of webcomics I read, podcasts I listen to and other things from the Internet that I enjoy including Internet Indie artists and web shows. I will probably talk book and movie here a lot, and of course I'll talk about what I'm working on. 

Art progress: I have my senior art show coming up November 2, 2012 and I will be printing the first 12 pages of 100 Days 2012, Lawrence's Dairy chapter 1 and Cinema chapter 1. I have all 12 pages of 100 Days penciled waiting to be inked, markered and scanned. The first 5 pages of Lawrence's Diary are penciled and are waiting inking and colors and I haven't started final pencils on Cinema yet, I'm doing my second edit of the script and transferring the scrip to thumbnails. My plan it to start coloring pages by the end of next week if not sooner. 

Now that i've started I want to just talk about everything. I've had it in my mind about how I care about things, what I care about and how much I care. I was told by one person that I'm caring and by another that I don't care. It's interesting but that's for another post how both of those are concurrently true. I also think I want to talk book a little, I may wait until after SPX for that. And glass. I want to talk glass a lot, it's my newest acquiring skill set so it's always on the brain. somnombulant 

But I must go, I have plans on dying my hair before class tonight and tomorrow I go to SPX and between now and next week some homework I have magically gets done. No clue with me being at a convention that is far more interesting than researching glass artists or figure artists. I mean, I love gathering information like that but comics and meeting people I've only spoken with online? Come on, how can it compare. This weekend is an adventure! Homework has nothing on an adventure.