Tabling SPX and other Plans

I have now actually purchased my Small Press table and made myself anxious again. It's calming down, but trust, it'll flare up again in no time. 

I'm hoping to produce 1 new mini  (about Zen and Mio), 1-3 sticker sets, maybe reprinting Cooking with Jasmine in color,and maybe figure out either a print or laminating some bookmarks from college. All by early September. 

I have the time, but so I have the /time/ to do this. You know, the motivated, focused time after all of the panicked and stressed time. I'd love to debut a zine there this fall and maybe figure out another table set up. I almost want taller version of my black racks that I stand my comics in. It's slimmer than the blue/green racks I have and it's easier to line up more merch back to back in it. I'll see what I can find. 

And also, after 2016 as the year that didn't happen as far as 100 Days goes, I'm hoping I can catch back up with those and get back to those pages. I really want to focus on art and drawing, but the whole day job bullshit is in the way. I haven't mentioned it much here, it's mostly I don't get paid enough so I need a new job where I can save money and have the energy and time for creative endeavours on my best personal schedule and I don't have that right now. So I'm interested in a new job that would grant me some liberty to make stuff on an easy and regular schedule and have weekends to myself to be able to go to shows or create. At the moment I have 1 whole day off work and it's hard to get anything done that holds value to me. I mean, it really bones to miss 2-3 days of work for a 1 or 2 day show. but I have to give myself time off somewhere because my job doesn't. 

I want to end 2016 on a better note. A better note includes: a different job, making more comics, making more art. 

New Art: Jan '13

So it has been ages since I scanned anything to post here and I finally have! It's amazing, right, an artist who actually draws stuff? Who knew?! 

New art in fan art, other art, Cinema art and Comic, Lawrence's Diary art and comic and 100 Days. So much for you to check out, it'd be awesome if you read my work.

I'm in the middle of a few different projects, working on a Cinema mini comic, I'm planning a mini with a new character from a different story world that doesn't have a title yet. I've been writing Chapter 2 of Cinema and planning Chapter 2 of Lawrence's Diary so I can get that done by the end of the year. In all honesty, I'd love to have these chapter 2s done by SPX, it's possible, let's see if it happens with me doing so many other things.

On top of my comic work, my personal comic work at least, I'm in discussions with the owner of a local coffee shop to do a small comic for them, we'll see how that goes. I'm also going to get back to my final relief print from last summer that I put off for various reasons, my other comics being the primary other reason. Well, my comics and my glass class, my then current classes, but now I have the time to do that plate. I need to split up my days now between comics and working on that plate, I want to see this print finished so I can share it and maybe sell some. I need to see how close I got on my registration, I'm a bit afraid too that I marked the lines off. I won't know until I see the final prints, so that has to happen soon.  

I've been doing job applications so hopefully I'll be making some money soon and I'll still be able to work on my art stuff on the side and get, you know, attention for that. What else is going on? I'm thinking more seriously about finding someone to talk to about my depression and those things. They need to be handled and I'm not taking care of myself with that as I should be, so I'll be calling around to see about becoming a healthier version of me.

This was written while Southwork, a Philly band, was playing in borjo. I'm diggin' them, check them out. I only promote things I like, no irony bull shit. 

Planning For My Future Sucks

I got out of one of my least favorite conversations. I don't know what I'm doing with my life. I'm going moment to moment, I'm currently trying to focus on getting stuff ready and done for graduation so I'm not thinking about end game so much.  i ran into someone I've known for a few years and we had that trite conversation where he asked me what my plans are, and shit like that.

My plans are to write and draw my own comic. That's been my plan for years. He asked if there was anyone interested in selling them. That currently goes as far as taking some to my local comic shop and giving them a few, I don't have many and I can't afford to re-print them. Also, no one knows me. Yeah, putting them there 'gets my name out' and I planned on taking some books there, just not the original edition. I don't have many of those and I don't know. Maybe I should.

There was also the 'what kind of job do you want' I don't fucking care at this point. Well, that's a bit of a lie, I'm not doing anything with children, housekeeping and I'd rather not have to clean up after anyone as my entire job. I'll work retail, I don't care. I'll work in a coffee shop, I'll try food service, I just need something that will pay me so I can live for a while. That's what's most important, being able to survive and pay my friggin' rent. i don't have the time right now to really think about glamour things like how I'm going to be know. 

I started getting mad during this conversation. I'm not sure if he was trying to mansplain my career options to me. It was all just irritating so I had to leave before I started cursing and being mean out of anger. i'm also tired of people asking me if I know what I'm going to do. I don't fucking know. I know what I want but i can't get that yet, i have no fucking money to get to where I want to be. Why do I have to know? Why do I have to have a plan? Can't I just work at keeping my head above water before I try to figure out which way the coast line is? I mean, fucking hell.

On a less stressed out and angry note, check out these drawings I did. There are a lot of things over at my sketch blog that aren't posted here yet, I haven't done pretty scans of them for here. I also am going to try to get back into filming doodles and warm ups every now and again. I did a camera placement test this week there are two - Owl with Glasses, Kevin Drinking - I have the pipe dream to get a better camera, so that's a thing on my mind. I'll even go for a small video camera, it just needs to be able to shoot long periods of video. Hopefully soon, I don't know. 

Until I write again! What's fun is I have a thing I want to write I just need to do a bunch of set up for it and I haven't had the time to do any of that for a minute. Keep on keepin' on.