Birthdays Are Great!

I say, with no irony, that I like my birthday

 like I'm a 5 year old.  I like everyone's birthday, it's a great thing to actually celebrate someone. Not everyone lives to whatever age you are and the older you are the fewer people there are who are your age. Celebrate life every day, but making a day yours to celebrate you and to engage in things to you like is a wonderful thing. 

All that said, I had a fantastic birthday on Friday. I am now 24, I have self printed mini-comics and my life is pretty good, albeit stressful and taxing, things are good. I got to do a lot of things i enjoy for my birthday. 

I started my day with breakfast, which is rare for me, and watching the first half of Monster Squad. That is such and 80s kids movie, it's so bad in many ways (i love Shane Black but I'll account the short comings to youth...even though it was done after Lethal Weapon) a silly rental is always great though. I couldn't be a movie aficionado if I only watched high brow film and documentaries, I believe an appreciate of the dregs and the Ed Woods works to round it all out. I then spent some time talking comics and art with my friend Ragan. She didn't know it was my birthday but had purchased Alias The Cat by Kim Deitch for me, I am fond of underground comics so i'm excited to have the chance to really get into this. I like his line work so I'm pretty jazzed about it. 

I left Ragan's studio and rushed to the mall, almost hitting some jackass who doesn't understand how to make a right on red and just stopped halfway in my lane, and bought a ticket to see Argo. I really loved that movie. I have this thing for 'based on a true story' films (I also love reading biographies and such so it makes sense) and this was such a dramatic story. I was there the entire time for the drama of the situation. I was there for the tension when they thought they were going to get caught. Skin of their teeth. Ridiculous. I loved it, it was such a good movie and I'm so glad I got to see it on my birthday. 

On my way out of the mall i stopped by Au Bon Pain and bought a soup and a cupcake. the soup was really good, it had mushrooms in it which I wish I had known before buying it but I fished all but the smallest slivers out. I finished Monster Squad and kind of took a nap. My father and sister arrived after 6, I showed them my show and books, they were proud of me. We went out to dinner and that was fun, I tried some tilapia tacos, enjoyable. They left, and i went back to the mall to await Glenn and some of his friends and we went to see Skyfall.

As goofy as that movie was, I did see 3 movies on my birthday which was pretty great. i did enjoy it in the moment but in retrospect I have no idea what happened and what the point was, I'll be nice given it's still opening weekend but I am thinking about writing a thing about it to criticize it's flaws. I believe I have made some new friends to talk movies with, something i sorely need. I love talking about, analyzing, criticizing, mocking and loving movies and I really wish i had people to talk movie with. 

I went to sleep in a pretty good mood, even with the drunk army/navy asshats yelling and marching outside. My Saturday was fun, I hung out with another old college friend, watched some glass blowing with my father and sister and tried mahi mahi. I realized while writing this that with the salmon I'm making for dinner tonight I've had fish for dinner all weekend, i'm okay with that. 

Everyone who wished me a happy birthday, thank you, I had a pretty great one. A combination of things i like, movies, reading, spending time alone and with people but not too much of either. It was a mellow low stress day. For me, it was a perfect day, I would not have liked a big bar - drinking thing, but a series of quiet times with people and laughter was what i liked. I hope this was an omen about my 24th time flying around the sun, it's been a chill, good time. I'll hang out with friends, make new ones, see a ton of movies and things will be good. i can only hope.