Thinking About MRAs

[This is from May 26th. I never finished this, goes up anyway. I haven't been creating much recently, I need to kick my ass into gear. Being honest, i'm not reading it before posting,  I remember the general ideas but it became too stressful for me to finish writing it before.] 

MRAs and male entitlement seem to be some of the most destructive things in the  16-34 age group in american men.

And it's fucking bullshit.

I just heard about the USC shooting, where this guy was a sadsack and depressed about being a 22 year old virgin(I'm not hating on virgins or people being depressed or upset about being virgins, I'm hating on people being assholes about being virgins). Well fuck, I'm a 25 year old virgin and I can count how many times I've been kissed on one hand. I'm not going out and thinking abouthow all of the patriarchy are against me and how no one wants to date a Nice Girl like me. I mean, mostly because I'm an asshole and figure I don't deserve anyone's love and compassion, but mydepression is not the point of this. 

I was thinking about all of the women who are in a similar situation as these MRAs. Nice women who are friends with guys but then get called 'one of the guys' which removes their friend's chance of sexual potential with them. Women who may be (god forbid) overweight or have small breasts, or maybe they're not up to society's beauty conventions and have been snubbed when they confessed to guys they liked. What about the women who'd be perfect homemakers and can cook and will suck your dick at the drop of a hat but are denied because of some superficial reason. 

What about every time a woman like this approached an MRA and every time they told them "no fat chicks, lol" and laughed about her behind her back as she felt as crushed and they do when the bombshells around them turn them down. 

Bear with me I'm arguing two things here. 

One, women aren't talking about taking down the patriarchy and aren't discussing violence towards men for this type of common, everyday misogyny. Women want the patriarchy dismantled so they can get equal pay for equal work, and equal job opportunities, and the right to say 'no' without the fear of being killed for having that much self esteem. The thing is women have experience massive hate by men and are constantly told they're sexually undesirable to their faces before they even ask for a date or even suggest friendship. Women receive massive and constant hate from men they're interested in and now there's a movement perpetualting hatred toward women from men they're not interested in. Nobody is interested in every person they meet. Few people are interested in half the people they know, and hearing a positive 'yes lets do they do' still probably won't be heard because how often does mutual liking happen?  But ugh, I've got the spins, which bones given I'm sober, but women aren't hurting and threatening men because they experience rejection. 

Men are taking denials and grouping them, as if all women conspired to turn them down. Getting told 'no' is not a personal thing, I mean, it'd be better to ask why you were told no but not be an angry bitch about it. 


The other thing I was thinking about was what about all the women that MRAs have turned down and denied for whatever reason? It's pretty likely that some women they've known over their life has been interested in them and was maybe flirting way hard but they were ignored for the girls who seemed like the women in magazines. I don't know if there's one type of girl MRAs tend to go after, but this guy in this instance shot up a bunch of sorority girls because of his perception of them. Sorority girls are stereotyped as being vapid and but "gorgeous" so is he even interested in them on an intellectual level or just as a place to put his dick. 


So my thing, what is it MRAs are attracted to, it is just the looks or the personality. Is it the idea of that person that they've built in their heads? Is it the idea of being in a relationship that really gets them going.