My Show

Hey, this will be a quick one, a smidgen of a place holder until I can write something more involved.

My Show was last night, I feel like it went better than I anticipated. I have books you can find previews and things at my online store

. I'm excited with how well everything went, I have books and  i'll soon have my bookmarks laminated for selling and all that awesome jazz. 

Everyone who came out, thank you, it was amazing to see people interested in my silly little books and to see people who care about me. I have so many self esteem issues and I think so many dumb things that it was really great to be wrong and to see people make their way to my show. Some of my family was here for it too, I was excited and embarrassed. My anxiety was pretty much non-existent at the show which was great. I look forward to future opportunities to sell my books. It was such a steep learning curve, the entire process, i'm glad it's over and over all went better than I feared. i can now rest and work on some things I've had to push tot he waysite these past few months so i'll be sharing that as time goes on.