Hunger Games Video Game idea

I saw this post from Anita Sarkessian showing some of the hate she got after criticizing the the games from Monday's XBox One E3 talk and their launch titles. She very harmless criticized the lack of female led games and a rain of internet jerks tweeted at her at least one rape comment, ad hoc insults, brought of tokenism, plain sexism and a few other traditional forms of hate that generally happen to women on the Internet who have opinions.

I was thinking about how much the Internet (or at least the part I generally inhabit) loved The Hunger Games. I finished it out of spite, I had a lot of problems with it, there was so much potential. But I wondered why a proper game wasn't made for any of the major systems about the movie. Just about every other action movie and property gets a major system game, why not THG? I don't know what discussions happened behind closed doors but I had an idea for a game, or maybe more than one game. I've read all the books and wasn't too hot on the movie, but this is some of the idea I had.  If I skip of parts of the book or if it's a bit out of order, please forgive me, I read it once last summer.

The main narrative that you need to play though is Katniss's story from each book. Going with The Hunger Games we see and animatic explaining everything up to just after Katniss leaves for the Capitol. Maybe there's some training in the woods that covers her basic actions, maybe a little stealth, shooting, and a simple trap. Once she gets on the train you're free to explore and learn facts she needs for later on. The big gala introducing the champions in playable as Katniss talks with people, maybe options here that will help some people be sponsors later during the Games. A montage animatic through the procession of the tributes, the interview bit with Caesar. The training at the Capitol and the test is playable, Katniss's skills improve and maybe she gets small item upgrades. The amount of training and leveling here accomplished is important, there's a limited amount of time and a number of levels and skills that Katniss can earn at this time. We see an animatic of Katniss and Cinna just before the games start. 

Playing in the Games

Maybe a free-world type of play. Everyone starts in the tubes and there's the cornucopia. You have the choice of running to it or going straight to the woods and you play through the game as people die off. Katniss has to help Rue and work with Peeta to win the Games. Everything in the main story line pretty much follows the book, different events become missions. If Katniss gave a good enough impression to people at the Gala she has a better chance of receiving sponsored rewards when she needs health or something. 

Untreated injuries can kill you. Certain direct attacks can kill you. Eating a poisonous plant can kill you. Along with the tributes are animals in the gamefield that can kill you, or be killed for food. Hunger can kill you. A lot of things can kill you. If you die, game over/you go back to your last save.  

To win the Game, Peeta and Katniss have to make it to the end and fight the Muttations. We see some animatics of the end of the everything then there's a small cut scene of the President talking to whoever he talks to at the end of the book. We see Katniss, her mother and sister move into the Victor's Village and things seem okay.


You've beaten the game and unlocked things. Some ideas on what you can unlock:

A multiplayer play, which is a brawl in the Game field. 
Unlock the other tributes as playable characters for the main story line. 
Build a Tribute: Create a tribute based on one of the Districts. Each District has at least one major strength and one major weakness. 

      ex: From D 12 - Not the strongest, takes a while to level // Does well with hunger and resourceful with things found in the gamefield
   ex: From D 4 -  good at swimming, fishing // poor with certain land weapons, trees
   ex: From D 2 - initially strong, high stamina // poor with hunger, not as good at being resourceful and making stuff

Give players a reason to choose to be a girl or boy from any of the districts. There are also benefits to which age they play as, maybe a kid levels faster but will never be as strong as a teen
Either create-you-own Game Field or a random assigned game field for multiplayer


This game could be an immersing look into the world of Panem. It would show a strong, resourceful female game lead and a richer world than was defined in the books. Each district would be laid out and have a benefit to it. There would be a pressure to the game with character death meaning the end of the game, or going back to a save point. I mean, making it Fire Emblem "dead is dead" could be a little much but without a sense that Katniss dying is a possibility there isn't as much of a sense of urgency. 

Following the second book: There's more of the mix between playable game and cut scene in the same fashion. This time leading up to the games if Katniss doesn't talk to the various characters that eventually work to save her and Peeta she has a greater difficulty with getting out of the Game Field. In the Games if she doesn't build friendships with the right characters she won't make it out. If they die before the end, she has a harder time to get out, so this one is a bit more RPG and Fire Emblem than the first game.  

The third game would be kind of Legend of Zelda-y as Katniss explores and learns about the weight of everything. She has a lot more side quests: making Peeta sane, visiting the other Districts, sneaking into the Capitol. This is a lot more RPG in the battle sequences, or a team FPS when in the Capitol. If certain team members die, finishing the game is that much more difficult. Maybe other characters can fill in as a similar type of character with similar skills. Accomplishing smaller side quests earns better skill sets, better sneaking, better shooting, etc.

If you transferred the game info up in each game, that affects how Katniss is at the beginning of the game, she has whatever skills you leveled in the previous game. If you don't have an older save file, the game starts as a certain level, probably lower than where she could have been leveled up to and she can level from there. It's an incentive to play each game on the same system or with the same gamer tag.  


That's what I have as an idea for a Hunger Games video game. This is a loose idea and not everything has been addressed, but I think this could be a fun game.  

Fears: The Economy, Money, Life, Other

Man, that discussion on sex was fun. So was my Valentine's Day post, but we're now back to my favorite topic of discussion, me! And what's better than talking about me? Me talking about my fears then relating them to other people my age who are possibly just as screwed as I am. That said, I still want to just movie west and say 'fuck you too, Virginia' maybe next year, I really want to go to SPX this September, I'll move away after SPX..

So, my fear! This was originally written on my cell phone, it ended up a lot longer than I anticipated it being and I change my title to better reflect what I think I was taking about. --

Are millennials, Gen Y, or whatever the fuck the 20-35 age group is called, going to be like our Depression Era great/grandparents when we’re older or will that be the children born in the last 15 years?

I mean, many of us “came of age” during an economic depression where compared to 50 years ago minimum wage is proportionally less when inflation is taken into account. The cost of living has sky rocketed and it’s now a life time effort to pay of college loans as opposed to a few years because low and middle class Americans are not being paid as much when compared with our counterparts from a few decades ago.

In America I've seen between 200-350% wage difference between the worker and their bosses who take bonuses even as the companies fold (here’s looking at you, Hostess) and the employees barely have the money to support themselves. Skilled labor education is lowering, and every year universities turn out graduates who are over qualified for the few competitive jobs there are.

It’s a mad house and we’ve all been blind to it as we buy technologies we don’t need (up high iPad! (and other tablets)) and can barely afford (down low iPhone 4, 4.5, 5) that cost an arm and a leg and offer little more than cosmetic changes to their predecessors.

So, I was wondering if the current generation of young adults who distract themselves from reality with more technology (I’m guilty of this in my own way, even with my Apple hating habits) but are still living through a depression, going on ebt/food stamps and are working in restaurants and retail, jobs previously left to high schoolers, will end up the way people who lived through the 1929 such market crash did and start hoarding everything. Money will be stuffed into mattresses, the banks haven’t been that well trusted in a long time going, anyway, and will we end up deadening like a generation if penny pinchers and misers when the economy turns and is robust again. Will the American economy turn around like that, again? It was aided in a global war that put all able-bodied hands to use fighting and in manufacturing that to some extent is now done overseas where labor is less picky and cheaper. The economy turned around in the 40s because military technology was now used to improve and cheapen the cost of living so more people could afford 2.5 children, a tract house and a yard (and a mean green mother from outer space hiding in said yard) and people had the money to spend on frivolities as technology replaced the need for skilled labor.

What is going to turn the modern economy around so that people like me, who have bachelor’s degrees and spend their days doing little can become effectual members of society? What is going to upset American classicism and put more money into the hands of the workers and create more jobs? What happened to the American Dream, the idea that anyone could work their way from nothing, with a little help maybe, and make a living wage? I love what Hunter S Thompson had to say with his myopic view of the future from the mid 70s

--"And that, I think, was the handle—that sense of inevitable victory over the forces of Old and Evil. Not in any mean or military sense; we didn’t need that. Our energy would simply prevail. There was no point in fighting—on our side or theirs. We had all the momentum; we were riding the crest of a high and beautiful wave. . . .
So now, less than five years later, you can go up on a steep hill in Las Vegas and look West, and with the right kind of eyes you can almost see the high-water mark—that place where the wave finally broke and rolled back."

Fear and Loathing in Las Vega

America peaked and he couldn't see it’s salvation or it’s return to societal power. I believe we peaked and since we've been falling but it’s not impossible for us to reach some sort of glory again.

I do wonder what becoming an adult in America’s turbulent recent history as the idea of success and normal change, will play on us.


Fun Fact portion!

Minimum Wage:
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Wage Ga
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Hunter S. Thompson Quotes
I used the pertinant part of that quote for what I wanted to say here but the entire thing is beautiful, it's from the Wave Speech in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. That entire quote, and other, can be read on my old blog here