Making Things on the YouTubes

I'm still super broke, so if you want to buy a commission from me, check out my last post and help. I'm also looking for a job. That's not what I wanted to talk about. 

One: i have a weird way with words, mostly for my own entertainment. I like words and language and finding an odd way to sting ideas together. Yesterday I was talking about grim-dark, gritty movies and described them as people eating concrete. Just a weird image that kind of makes sense if you just accept it for what it is. I've wanted to do a video on my weird use of words I just need to collect some concrete (no pun intended) examples of my abnormal writing structure (and speaking structure???) for that video. 

Two) I've been making videos on the daily for April. I'll say I haven't missed a day, I have been late, but things were always filmed on time. Rendering is time consuming. There's this thing called Vlog Every Day April, VEDA, and I decided to partake in the experiment. I have met two new internet bros from doing this, that was cool, and it gave me something to look forward to doing every day of my recent unemploymentness and moving back home. I'm glad I spent the time on those videos, i haven't been drawing too much recently, a few different reasons for  not picking up the pencil. I want, right now even, but i'm so fucking tired, even writing this is difficult. I think I was drifting while writing a job application not too long ago. Bot words and language. There are a few other topics I wanted to cover, but I think I have a strong collection of videos. I'm open about myself, I guess, in a way it's a laundry list of facts about me, but how I shared them tells more and tells a different story than what I shared. I might make a video about that. Today's video is one big editing project, so hopefully that will go smoothly and won't be too hair pulling. Editing a video all day and some job applications. 

Thrice) Yesh I know, shut up. I'm tired. I need a job. I posted my resume on Monster and I've gotten a few robo-recruiter emails, but I'm still going to apply to these companies. I'm not doing anything with my time and that needs to change. I think if I get a job by mid May, when my first loan bills roll in in June I shouldn't be as bad off with having to pay those back if I'm making some money. I think pride has been a bit of a problem for me, but I feel as if I didn't go through 5.5 years of school to earn a degree to get a job in fast food or retail. There are bigger things for me and my life and I still think being in Reston is the biggest hurdle for me between living a life I want to live and stagnating. I have applied for jobs in the area, but I have my sights set on west. There's one I applied for in Ohio I'd go for, drop of a hat. One I'm going to look at in Texas tomorrow and that's as far west as I've gotten. Not California, but more importantly, not Reston.

To my ODU broes and party peeps, congrats on finishing this semester. I know there are a few more days of finals, but I believe in you, you're so fucking close you're going to be fine.

This is a sharpie thing I did on Friday - I was actually really surprised when I added the music and it fell in line with the images immediately. My first abstraction on canvas. There's a photo of the final here I think it's the bee's knees. 

I'm not here and words are barely letters and sounds in my brain. Good night, I'll be places on the Internet in the morning, and maybe somewhere in real life. I need to get out of the house. Maybe Panera. It's no Borjo but it's not my bedroom either.